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v0.30.0 / Users-Guide / 12 Data Model Reference

Data Model Reference

Sometimes, as you’re looking at all the various tables and data in your database, you’ll probably have questions about what all the data means. That’s where the data model reference comes in handy. You can get to the data model reference from the question builder screen by clicking on the Book icon in the top right corner of the screen.


After clicking the icon, the Data Reference sidebar will open. It lists all the databases you have access to and the tables inside them.


Click on the table you would like to explore further to see a description of it and a list of all the fields it contains. Each table or field will only contain a description if your admin wrote something there.


If you click on a field you’re interested in, you’ll see a description of the field’s contents as well as some suggestions for questions you could view about that field.


In addition to looking at a table’s fields, you can also look at its connections if your table includes any. Connections show up here if there’s a field in the table you’re looking at that’s included in another table. Click on Connections (located next to Field button) to view the connected tables.

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