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The Metabase Consultant Network


Are you a developer or data analyst looking for contract work? If so, please join our list of Metabase consultants.

Metabase often gets requests for custom work, integration services or data analytics help. The core team is tied up making the best possible open source business intelligence software, and so we aren’t able to help as often as we’d like.

What to expect

You’ll fill out a questionnaire about your skills, the work you’re interested in, and links that tell potential clients more about you. We might follow up if anything is ambiguous or if we think more information would make it easier to route projects to you.

As we get requests, we’ll email developers who meet the criteria that the company needing help selects. If you get an email, and are interested in chatting with the company needing help just reply to us and we’ll help coordinate.

What’s this cost?

Nothing. If Metabase helps you land a huge contract, feel free to send us a box of cookies.

Example Projects

  • Extending Metabase itself
  • Creating new Database connectors for Metabase
  • Creating and supporting a fork with specific custom features
  • Helping setup and maintain databases or data warehouses
  • Helping write data ingestion and transformation jobs
  • Helping companies write complicated metrics and reports in SQL

If you’re interested fill out our questionaire at the link below!